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Welcome to cafe with a ‘K’ only in Whangarei.

You’ll find us inside Watermans World at 52 Riverside Drive, Whangarei. Beside the Riverside Playground.

Open Week Days 8:00am to 3:00pm
and Weekends 8:00am to 3:00pm
for your Fair Trade Organic caffeine fix, Swiss Water Decaf, Chais or Belgium Hot Chocolate and an impressive selection of teas too!

We have a yummy range of muffins, slices, scones, danishes and Dad’s Pies (only the best), plus real fruit smoothies, frappes, cabinet cold drinks and ice-creams too!

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Come on in and check out our riverside courtyard.
Take some time to breath in the atmosphere.
We guarantee you’ll enjoy it!

The Kafe is under new ownership! We have been enjoying meeting all the people who are both regulars to the Kafe and those visiting for the first time.

We love our place and our coffee, we hope you do too!



The Dad’s Pies secret to making a great pie. ‘Let’s only ever make pies we want to eat,’ came the cry. Then ‘Let’s also make them good for you,’ came another cry. So once we’d worked out where the echo was coming from, we began a lifelong pursuit of pie-fection – mixing wholesome, top-notch ingredients with plenty of love and care.

Dads Montage

Angus Chilli Cheese Pie

Mince & Cheese Pie

Steak & Cheese Pie

Butter Chicken Pie

Bacon & Egg Pie

Hearty Beef Roll

We serve only Altura Fair Trade Coffee with plant based compostable lids + cups to reduce our carbon footprint.

Did you know that our medium size cup $5.50 is considered a large cup $6.30 in most cafe’s? So come on in and save 80 cents.

It’s even cheaper if you bring your own keep cup!

Compostable Lids
Small 8oz
Small 8oz
Medium 12oz
Medium 12oz
Large 16oz
Large 16oz

Double Espresso
60ml of espresso

Long Black
Double-shot espresso served with hot water on the side

60ml of espresso with a stain of micro-foamed milk

Double-shot espresso served with hot water

Flat White
Single shot espresso and free-poured
micro-foamed milk

1/3 Espresso, 1/3 Hot Milk, 1/3 Foamed Milk dusted with your choice of cinnamon or chocolate

Cafe Latte
Double-shot espresso and free-poured micro-foamed milk

Chai Latte
Delicious spicy alternative to coffee made with foamy milk, dusted with cinnamon – Sweet option available too!

Double-shot espresso with creamy chocolate milk

Hot Chocolate
Rich creamy chocolate milk served with a chocolate fish too!

Rich creamy milk with chocolate dusting

Extra Shot, Decaf, Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Pouring Cream

Flavoured Shots
Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut


English Brekkie
Fifty Shade of Earle
Green Sencha
Oriental Lime
Moroccan Mint
Southern Fruit

Iced Coffee
Iced Choc
Iced Mocha
Iced Caramel
Iced Chai

Smoothies *Real Fruit
Mango Madness*
Feijoa & Slapple
Berry Berry Good*
Lemon & Lime Squeeze
Twisted Tropical*

Sweet or Savoury
White Chocolate & Strawberry
Lemon & Coconut
Sticky Date (Caramel filling)
Lemon & Ginger
Bran, Apple & Walnut
Ham & Cheese
Spinach & Feta

Apricot Custard
Berry Curd
and of course our cyclists favourite Almond Croissant

Double Chocolate Chip
ANZAC (of course)
Pistachio Shortbread
Mega Afghans (Choc Heaven)
Kids Dinosaur Gingerbreads
Yo Yo’s or Melting Moments as they are also known!

Gluten Free 
Almond Berry Muffin
Carrot Cream Cheese Muffin
Orange & Almond Biscuit

Kafe Slices
Chocolate Fudge
Caramel Slice
and Ginger Crunch too!

Scones & More
Try our delicious cheese or dates scones dripping with butter
or our Yummy Spinach, Feta, Tomato in a Brioche Bun!

Chocolate & Almond
A doughnut made from croissant-like dough, filled with flavored cream with a sugary coating

Check out our undercover area. Great to get out of the weather but still enjoy the atmosphere that is the Hatea River.
Everybody is welcome…

Fair Trade Coffee

Fairtrade provides a more equitable alternative by:
  • paying producers a fair price, and ensuring workers a decent wage
  • paying a premium to be used to invest in projects that benefit local families,  the local community and the environment and
  • creating direct and long-term trading relationships between farmers and traders.
altura 1kg coffee bag white bg organic.1

Colombian Decaf

Altura Colombian decaf uses the Swiss-Water decaffeinating process which is 100% natural.

The Swiss-Water method is the most traditional, as it involves no chemicals.

This decaffeinating process effectively removes a minimum of 97% of caffeine from the green bean to ensure that it can be classed as a true decaffeinated coffee.

Kafé Limited
In Watermans World
52 Riverside Drive, Whangarei, NZ.
Ph 0222 555 333